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Who are we?

NRZK Productions is a collaboration between two friends living in Russia and Australia because there are no borders, oceans, or any other obstacles when we talk music.

It’s about what we feel and what we see, are you with us?

Dmitry Afanasyev
location: St.Petersburg, Russia

Dmitry is an experienced sound professional with decades of experience in the music industry who is also living a double life as a graphic designer and IT specialist.

Dmitry is very well skilled to provide you top quality mastering as well as mixing your music “as the big players do”. 

Sergei Tumanov
location: Melbourne, Australia

Sergei is a professional sound and music producer who is living a double life as an IT engineer and websites developer.

Sergei is very experienced at recording your sounds either live or in a studio, editing every single detail like a surgeon and providing the best possible mix for your music. 

If you have any questions, any ideas, or collaboration requests – do not hesitate to contact us

Selected works:

  • Blood Runs Dry (Australia) Mind Games

single, self-released in Australia

Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering

  • Yoshitake Kawai (Japan) – How Sounds Unfold

A full-length album, released by NCTMMRN, Australia


  • Kory Reeder (USA) – I am not Here

Full-length album, released by NCTMMRN, Australia

Recording, Mixing

  • Denis Sorokin (Russia) – Ascesis

Full-length album, selfreleased by Denis Sorokin in Russia

Recording, Mixing

  • Eva​-​Maria Houben (Germany) – One Performer

Full-length album, released by Diafani label, Germany


  • Taku Sugimoto (Japan) – Solo For Guitar 1

Collaboration album, released by Meenna (Ftarri), Japan


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