Add some MAGIC to your tracks! MAGIC BUTTONS

Do you like magic? We do! Furthermore, we prepared some magic, especially for YOU!

We have repeatedly searched for a new sound for ourselves to make sure it can be different from everything that exists today. For several years we have been creating instruments and polishing our skills in sound production and guess what… we did it! Later on, we made a decision to share all the tools and magic “spices” we created with fellow musicians, the ones who are also in search of a new and unique sound. Sharing means caring and we do care about music and sound quality a lot!

Today, we have presented some of our findings and presented them as MAGIC buttons. More than that we will be constantly updating those buttons as we try and create new functionalities and expand our abilities.

It is free, it is for you from us, please – give it a shot and share it with friends 🙂 Happy using!

Analog sound VALERA device Analog sound
Valera Device is specifically designed to change any incoming signal to an analogue. The essence of the device lies in the fact that the incoming signal enters the head with the coil, which in turn transmits the signal to the second head with the coil and, after amplification, goes back to the DAW.
Production Sound Make beautiful Production Sound
For those who want to feel a little bit of magic and achieve a more detailed, clear and spacious sound, with a slight emphasis on high frequencies. Complex processing for any genre. Processes involved in processing: Normalization, Equalization, HiFi, Compression, Maximizing.
Production Sound Noise Reduction Production Sound
Who likes noise? We do, actually, but sometimes it is inappropriate to have it in a track. It can be music as well as it can be a disaster. However, this particular tool is for getting rid of it. If you feel like there is no room for noise in your sound, let's reduce it together!
Production Sound BASS Magic Production Sound
Bass is the king, if you want to increase bass response for your music and make it... havier in low frequencies - this option is definitely for you. Keep in mind, we do it gently and won't make your track sound like an "underwater party", we just add a healthy amount of bass to it.
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