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The bass is an incredibly simple instrument, but at the same time it requires a lot of attention, it can both decorate a track and ruin it. The most important thing in a mix is ​​the right bass that doesn’t clash with the kick and other instruments at low frequencies. It would seem that tuning the bass is not difficult, but in fact, this process must be set up correctly, the final volume of the entire track, the intelligibility and readability of the instruments in the mix and the correct presentation of all material depend on it.

In order to rein in the bass a little, we eventually came up with a whole system of processing with several stages. The most important point is the extra low frequencies that are not audible to the human ear, but play a huge role in polluting the entire track. The readability of the middle and upper frequencies of the bass is also no less important, this is the character, mood and drive of the instrument and the entire mix. As a rule, density is not always paid attention to, but it is also very important, bass density glues the whole mix together.

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For example, we have displayed two tracks, before and after using the Bass Magic. Before you start working with your audio file, we recommend that you listen to these tracks

Track after


Track before


Bass processing

The most important thing in the bass is low-frequency control. First, you need to clean them up, then start working with compression. The bass needs a lot of compressions, whether it’s jazz or classical, house or drum and bass. After compression, an equalisation process takes place to omit unnecessary frequencies and make room for other instruments, the next step is to add the most pleasant ultra-low frequencies to enhance the bass effect, after which the bass goes through the compression process again, for a tighter and more even sound

Bass that doesn't get in the way

Low frequencies are the epicentre of the mood, and a good and correct bass will glue the track very reliably and increase its vibrations. Feel like a bass tamer!


Make beautiful

For those who want to feel a little bit of magic and achieve a more detailed, clear and spacious sound, with a slight emphasis on high frequencies. Complex processing for any genre. Processes involved in processing: Normalization, Equalization, HiFi, Compression, Maximizing.

VALERA device

Valera Device is specifically designed to change any incoming signal to an analogue. The essence of the device lies in the fact that the incoming signal enters the head with the coil, which in turn transmits the signal to the second head with the coil and, after amplification, goes back to the DAW.

Noise Reduction

Who likes noise? We do, actually, but sometimes it is inappropriate to have it in a track. It can be music as well as it can be a disaster. However, this particular tool is for getting rid of it. If you feel like there is no room for noise in your sound, let’s reduce it together!

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