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Who has not dreamed of having a magic button at hand, and when it’s pressed, all labour-intensive processes are suddenly becoming automatic?! Yes, we too! We also thought about such a button and we have been thinking about it for a very long time, and finally, when we studied and tested all the processes associated with improving the sound, we created a list of operations and packed it all into a single process. We have created the button. 

Sound processing is performed by the best powerful top-end plug-ins that are used in advanced music studios. However, no matter what the automation is, it can also make mistakes and that’s why the whole process is still controlled by a person, so we can be sure that your final track will sound high quality!

Upload Your Audio File

For example, we have displayed two tracks, before and after using the Make Beautiful. Before you start working with your audio file, we recommend that you listen to these tracks

Track after


Track before


Mastering process

Sound processing goes through several logical stages, first, the sound is normalised, which is the starting and very important part of the process, then the sound is equalised with frequency combing, and then the sound is compressed and limited to trim sharp peaks in volume. After that, processing of the stereo width and volume is performed. The final step is to maximize the volume of the track

Great sound at the top

Any musician probably wants to get the sound of a track as close as possible to the top quality, so that the track is not losing in quality to the popular radio tracks! We have some magic to bring your dreams closer!


VALERA device

Valera Device is specifically designed to change any incoming signal to an analogue. The essence of the device lies in the fact that the incoming signal enters the head with the coil, which in turn transmits the signal to the second head with the coil and, after amplification, goes back to the DAW.

Noise Reduction

Who likes noise? We do, actually, but sometimes it is inappropriate to have it in a track. It can be music as well as it can be a disaster. However, this particular tool is for getting rid of it. If you feel like there is no room for noise in your sound, let’s reduce it together!

BASS Magic

Bass is the king, if you want to increase bass response for your music and make it… havier in low frequencies – this option is definitely for you. Keep in mind, we do it gently and won’t make your track sound like an “underwater party”, we just add a healthy amount of bass to it.

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