Analog sound VALERA

Whether you’re looking for a soft analogue sound or for adding a 90s-style flair to your track, you’ll absolutely love this unit. The sound is somewhat similar to recording on an audio tape.

Valera is a real physical device, which is connected to the audio interface with high-quality cables, so that you get the purest sound of the device, without extraneous noise

A small box with a lot of potentials that can surprise many musicians, especially those who respect the vintage sound. This is the effect we were trying to achieve.

Upload Your Audio File

For example, we have displayed two tracks, before and after using the Valera device. Before you start working with your audio file, we recommend that you listen to these tracks

Track after


Track before


Analog audio processing

The sound enters the magnetic head located at a minimum distance from another magnetic head, which picks up the signal and sends it to the preamplifier, then the signal is processed by the noise suppressor and enters the audio interface line, after which it is recorded in the DAW in a full-fledged track

Pure Magic

Valera is able to completely change the sound and mood of the track by adding just a little spice.


Make beautiful

For those who want to feel a little bit of magic and achieve a more detailed, clear and spacious sound, with a slight emphasis on high frequencies. Complex processing for any genre. Processes involved in processing: Normalization, Equalization, HiFi, Compression, Maximizing.

BASS Magic

Bass is the king, if you want to increase bass response for your music and make it… havier in low frequencies – this option is definitely for you. Keep in mind, we do it gently and won’t make your track sound like an “underwater party”, we just add a healthy amount of bass to it.

Noise Reduction

Who likes noise? We do, actually, but sometimes it is inappropriate to have it in a track. It can be music as well as it can be a disaster. However, this particular tool is for getting rid of it. If you feel like there is no room for noise in your sound, let’s reduce it together!

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