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Sometimes it is very important to hear a clear sound, especially when a musical instrument is playing, in order to enjoy every note of it, every finger movement on the strings, or how the piano hammer strikes or bow moves. Most often, noise reduction is used on vocal tracks and they do it not very carefully.

A clean sound is very important in a professional environment, but very often it is achieved by losing important details of a track or even, as the result, getting a completely “plastic” sound for the sake of noise reduction.

To remove noise, we use the best plugins, but we do it carefully, thoughtfully and correctly. It is better to leave this task to professionals in order to save your time and nerves!

If you are in a situation when it is not possible to record a vocal or an instrument in high quality, try using our magic noise removal button. It will help.

Upload Your Audio File

For the best analytics effect, send an audio file where there are segments with complete silence without the sound of an instrument!

For example, we have displayed two tracks, before and after using the Noise Reduction. Before you start working with your audio file, we recommend that you listen to these tracks

Track after


Track before


Noise Clean Process

At the very beginning, the process of analysing noise, background and artefacts takes place. Further, based on the analytics information, the extra data from the overall track is reduced to the minimum possible values, but in such a way as not to affect important details, leaving only a clear sound. All processes take place as delicately as possible in order to improve the recording, and not spoil it.

The beginning of begin

A neat and clean sound is highly valued in the modern world, it is the basis from which a long journey of sound change begins. Why not touch perfection?!


BASS Magic

Bass is the king, if you want to increase bass response for your music and make it… havier in low frequencies – this option is definitely for you. Keep in mind, we do it gently and won’t make your track sound like an “underwater party”, we just add a healthy amount of bass to it.

Make beautiful

For those who want to feel a little bit of magic and achieve a more detailed, clear and spacious sound, with a slight emphasis on high frequencies. Complex processing for any genre. Processes involved in processing: Normalization, Equalization, HiFi, Compression, Maximizing.

VALERA device

Valera Device is specifically designed to change any incoming signal to an analogue. The essence of the device lies in the fact that the incoming signal enters the head with the coil, which in turn transmits the signal to the second head with the coil and, after amplification, goes back to the DAW.

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